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A Moment In Time

There is a moment in life when you discover you have a void in the path you have been traveling. That moment when you feel as if you have taken two steps back from the beginning of moving forward. What could it be, is the question you have? Where did I go wrong, is the question rambling through your thoughts. This is called a precious moment wherein you truly have to decide whether to continue with your failing plans in life or follow the path that the Most High is allowing to unfold. It’s called that moment in time(opportunity) where your destiny and unfulfilled goals meet you face to face.

How will you process the experience? The circle of life has a balance and it moves us all in turn. The goal is to be prepared when your opportunity comes. Most times the feeling of comfort can be your worst enemy. Mainly because it keeps you complacent. The lonely hours are your most precious hours, because they allow you to put everything on the line for better or for worse. The choice is yours. Seek greatness with diligence, and know that all will work for the best because your obedience and submission to God is in alignment with His destined goals for you.

Be ready, your “Moment in Time” Just might be in front of you. It’s up to you to recognize it. Be Intentional!

You can win as long as your head is lifted towards the Sky!


Lester Benton

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