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The Bun

Let's just call this story, "the bun". Wearing my hair in a bun is my signature style. It is easy, classy, and because my hair will not hold a curl in the South Florida humidity it is always my “go to” style. A couple of years ago a dear sister and friend who knows something about haircare told me to be careful because I was wearing it too much; eventually the bun would damage my hair. I remember thinking, “how could that happen? After all, the hair is neatly put away, the sun is not beaming on it all day, I am not hot curling it, and it is not loose with my ends impacted by all the pollutants and elements that damage the hair. Oh, and I should mention, it was growing so long that I came to terms that it was good for my hair.

Two years later I now wish I had listened. I honestly got tired of wearing the bun and wanted to let my hair down. I sought the best products to help deflect the humidity and help my hair hold the curls and body. I bought high end products. I ended up spending over $200.00 for products. With excitement I rushed home to wash and set my hair. Three hours later, after sitting under the hair dryer, out came the rollers. My expectations were high and within ten minutes the curls came crashing down! I thought why did I spend all this money, sit under a hair dryer for three hours for this? What happened next are reactions to emotions I wish I had thought through.

I remembered another friend telling me if I had some layers cut in my hair it would help hold curl and body. I called a salon and went in to get a few layers cut. I thought I explained myself well and as the stylist proceeded to cut the layers, I decided to look through a magazine. I glanced at the mirror with a loud “no, you are cutting too much, that is not what I want”. She had cut off 4 inches. I was devastated! I could not pick my hair up off the floor and reverse what had taken place.

After I left the salon in utter disappointment and frustration I began to think and ask myself, “what is the lesson in this”? This was truly a teachable moment. The first lesson was, I should have listened to the instructions given by my friend about wearing the bun too much. The deception of thinking it was growing, kept me from seeing the outer perimeter of my hair was breaking off like crazy! Using the gel to hold the outer ends and edges was a band-aid that made me think all was good. The growth was in the top only.

Spiritually this is what happens when we choose to not listen to truth and follow our own desires and pleasures. It might look like we are progressing and doing well, but truth is, we are not. It will soon come crashing down.

My second lesson is, when it does come crashing down don't move on your emotions, do not react. Stop and think, process first. Had I not rushed to the salon to get layers, I would have done what was best for my hair, get a nice trim all over and stop wearing the bun.

Finally, buying the expensive products was not the answer. Had I processed first, I would now have $200.00 in my purse! There was no quick fix. I needed to first start with where I had been disobedient and deceived.

I am not wearing a bun these days. I am not saying that I will never wear it again, I am sure I will. However, it will no longer be an everyday style, my “go to”, easy way, to wear my hair. I learned the hard way. I believe we do not have to learn the hard way. We need to choose to listen to directions given to us by the Lord through His Word, and messages given to us by His servants who are called to lead and teach us.

Listen, and Obey!

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