The Bun

Let's just call this story, "the bun". Wearing my hair in a bun is my signature style. It is easy, classy, and because my hair will not hold a curl in the South Florida humidity it is always my “go to” style. A couple of years ago a dear sister and friend who knows something about haircare told me to be careful because I was wearing it too much; eventually the bun would damage my hair. I remember thinking, “how could that happen? After all, the hair is neatly put away, the sun is not beaming on it all day, I am not hot curling it, and it is not loose with my ends impacted by all the pollutants and elements that damage the hair. Oh, and I should mention, it was growing so long that I came to terms that it was good for my hair.

Two years later I now wish I had listened. I honestly got tired of wearing the bun and wanted to let my hair down. I sought the best p