How do you know when God is speaking to you? It's a question I have asked. Many others too. At major decision points in life it prods us like an annoying toothache that won't leave. With persistence, it knocks on the door of our hearts...(i.e. if we are attune). Well for me, I have long come to the realization that there is no point doing anything outside His will. It brings too many heartaches, pain, and hard work to get back on track as I shared in my own book GreenLight: When God Says Go.

So it was with a rush of fervent hunger, and the warmth of delicious delectables that I tuned in when I heard Dr. Charles Stanley refer to this during one of his sermons. Here I share my own thoughts and commentary.

How To Know...

1) God’s Voice will be consistent with scripture. When I was writing GreenLight: When God Says Go it was very clear to me the words "write in a book everything you see". And of course in order for us to 'see', we must experience. So search the scriptures and stay attuned....

There have been so many incredible posts on social media about high school reunions, proms, college and high school graduations. Even the graduations from PreK seem to tug at my heart.

HOW has time moved so quickly?

I remember some of these students playing T-ball with my son and now they have mustaches, taller than me and walking across that stage happily to receive their diploma. Even my youngest son graduated from 8th grade and heading to high school in a couple of months.

Life brings about swift transitions. I remember feeling so many emotions last year as my oldest son graduated from high school. The stress and strain of his senior year had taken it’s toll on my physical and mental body. The competition to get in college is fierce. We’d spent money for training prep on college entrance exams, paid for his senior package, prom, college applications, invitations, grad photos, etc. etc. etc. 

By the end of 2018, I ended up on medical leave for weeks taking a much needed BREAK from LIFE. 


On January 26, 2019,  I(Live With Intention), hosted a workshop on Successful Collaboration. It was birthed from a quote my brother Bishop K.D. Johnson wrote for my Bible Study book. Anyone who attended can tell you the teachings he shared impacts every area of your life. There were so many people who testified that their understanding of collaboration wasn’t a workforce term but rather a life term…a way of living with intention.

I know collaboration is necessary in all areas and relationships and I want it to be successful! But can I tell you the week before my workshop God showed me another view? Collaboration can be successful even when it looks like our goals are delayed, revamped or failed. Here is what He showed me. I needed to make some edits in the Bible Study book before reprinting. I enlisted a book formatter using a very popular website. I felt a leading to go with her although there were over twenty editors who bid for the job. I did not know how this would work but as...

Psalm 91:1

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. NASB

I began and finished 2018 with this verse. 

Protection in Christ for 2018,  was the first Sunday sermon of the year, and Psalm 91 was the main Scripture.  As my Pastor ended the message, i was compelled to go forward and stand in submission to God for the verse above.  I sensed the Spirit say, will you stay UNDER my shelter this year? Will you trust me to be enough no matter what comes your way?  I was already being challenged in so many ways in my faith, that the invitation was actually an answer to my prayers.  Yes, I wanted to cease striving and know that He is God.  I wanted to feel protected, guided and loved by Him.  I wanted to know intimately what it meant to live UNDER His protection.  So i went up for prayer.  Some people thought I was going up to pray for others, because leaders at church are not supposed to go up for prayer for themselves( so NOT true!)....

Isaiah 30:21

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, "This is the way, walk in it."

I was laying in the middle of the floor of my office with chest pains. There were ladies standing over me asking if they should call an ambulance. I prayed that God would show me what to do. I went home and cried.

The truth is that this incident on the floor was the answer to that prayer. The job was physically damaging my body; and it was time to resign.

I had been searching for a new job for two years. Nothing opened up. My friends and I were praying. I sent out resumes and went on interviews.

There is a tremendous amount of pressure when you are single and head of household. I normally wouldn't resign from a job before I found another job. However, my latest hospital admission shocked me into reality. The job was putting me at risk for a heart attack or stroke. I had to leave the job immediately.

My last day on this job was on a Thursday. The next day, I was led to stop by the office of an old frie...

Let's just call this story, "the bun". Wearing my hair in a bun is my signature style. It is easy, classy, and because my hair will not hold a curl in the South Florida humidity it is always my “go to” style. A couple of years ago a dear sister and friend who knows something about haircare told me to be careful because I was wearing it too much; eventually the bun would damage my hair. I remember thinking, “how could that happen? After all, the hair is neatly put away, the sun is not beaming on it all day, I am not hot curling it, and it is not loose with my ends impacted by all the pollutants and elements that damage the hair. Oh, and I should mention, it was growing so long that I came to terms that it was good for my hair. 

Two years later I now wish I had listened. I honestly got tired of wearing the bun and wanted to let my hair down. I sought the best products to help deflect the humidity and help my hair hold the curls and body. I bought high end products. I ended up spending ove...

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