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Facing Giants

There is a song I listen to about giants we face in life. Some of the lyrics are "giants do fall, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Giants do fall, just walk around the Jericho Wall." I like that fact that they fall. I want the giants in my life to come down. Some of the giants I have had to face have been strongholds in my life that have kept me from walking in the will of God experiencing His joy and peace. I believe what Jesus said in John 10:10 " the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; but I (Jesus) has come to give life abundantly."

While believing this I could not understand or grasp why my daily life did not represent this biblical foundational truth. I was not only frustrated but angry, fearful and resentful of life and anyone who didn't understand my plight. In all of the emotional upheaval I didn't stop my weekend routine of going to church; this was a part of my life growing up as a child. The truth was I looked forward to gathering with believers on Sunday. It was the highlight of the weekend. I felt safe, and encouraged. However by Monday it was back to normal. The highlight or should I say euphoria of the service had waned.

Then something wonderful happened. I got frustrated enough to really seek the Lord as to what was blocking me. Listen, every time I played that giant song I would sing to the top of lungs, GIANT FALL!. But the day of breakthrough came. As I was singing it, I felt the nudge to walk and pray. I felt the urging to call out all of those things that had been holding me hostage, all of those emotions that didn't line up with the Word of God. I prayed, I prayed, and I cried. After some time passed I felt a peace but didn't quite get what had transpired. The walls fell. As I walked and prayed the God who is able to bring down walls, demolish strongholds, and replace fear with faith had done a work in my inner man.

I learned something new that day, I must do my part. I must be faithful in this journey. God will indeed be faithful, He cannot deny Himself. I was not experiencing abundant life due to my negligence in being aware, not walking wisely, and not being Intentional.

Let me encourage you, giants do fall. Walk around your wall today. Be Intentional!

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