Successful Collaboration

On January 26, 2019, I(Live With Intention), hosted a workshop on Successful Collaboration. It was birthed from a quote my brother Bishop K.D. Johnson wrote for my Bible Study book. Anyone who attended can tell you the teachings he shared impacts every area of your life. There were so many people who testified that their understanding of collaboration wasn’t a workforce term but rather a life term…a way of living with intention.

I know collaboration is necessary in all areas and relationships and I want it to be successful! But can I tell you the week before my workshop God showed me another view? Collaboration can be successful even when it looks like our goals are delayed, revamped or failed. Here is what He showed me. I needed to make some edits in the Bible Study book before reprinting. I enlisted a book formatter using a very popular website. I felt a leading to go with her although there were over twenty editors who bid for the job. I did not know how this would work but as we collaborated, and I reached the deadline for her to complete the edits it did not happen. There were things she had overlooked or failed to correct. I was filled with disappointment, and yes, anger. In the midst of the emotions I felt a peace and I said to my husband “maybe the Lord is using the book to minister to her, I certainly hope so.” She had shared a part