I have never birthed a child but hearing from several sisters what they have experienced speaks to a process that requires perseverance and patience. These birthing requirements are not only needed in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual realm. I experienced this in birthing the first workshop for Live With Intention.

It is truly quite difficult to even write about the constant irritants and obstacles I encountered planning and executing this workshop. When God gave me a vision for LWI a few years ago I did not know how it would come to pass. I knew I wanted to write a Bible study based on Luke 24, but did not foresee workshops. The vision became clearer knowing workshops were a part of His plan.

I proceeded with the planning, sending out the information and placing event details on my website. I did everything I could to spread the word. Registrations were slow..really slow. I thought, Lord really? I do not understand at all. I teach Bible studies, have connections with several women, I believe these workshops are needed, yet the response is moving at a snails pace. Despite what my natural eyes saw I perse