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I have never birthed a child but hearing from several sisters what they have experienced speaks to a process that requires perseverance and patience. These birthing requirements are not only needed in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual realm. I experienced this in birthing the first workshop for Live With Intention.

It is truly quite difficult to even write about the constant irritants and obstacles I encountered planning and executing this workshop. When God gave me a vision for LWI a few years ago I did not know how it would come to pass. I knew I wanted to write a Bible study based on Luke 24, but did not foresee workshops. The vision became clearer knowing workshops were a part of His plan.

I proceeded with the planning, sending out the information and placing event details on my website. I did everything I could to spread the word. Registrations were slow..really slow. I thought, Lord really? I do not understand at all. I teach Bible studies, have connections with several women, I believe these workshops are needed, yet the response is moving at a snails pace. Despite what my natural eyes saw I persevered. In speaking to my events coordinator, Corrine Ward, she encouraged me to be patient and pray. Her faith stood strong that God would send the people who needed the workshop. As the weeks ensued, monies spent for planning and preparation, I continued checking the database for registration updates. I realized it was consuming me, so I stopped checking as much. I voiced to the Lord, God whoever shows up is who I will minister to.

The vision was coming to pass, and I was learning the value of patience. As the date neared, the number of registrants was increasing. The closing date was September 1st. To my excitement more people were registered than anticipated. Of course, true to South Florida style my phone began ringing and texts came through from people who missed the deadline but wanted to attend.

God filled the room at Signature Grand with over 200 women. I walked in taking a view of what God had birthed through me. I could do nothing but rejoice, smile, celebrate, and praise God. The process was not easy. I was stretched and worn out a good way. It was a huge birthing that required time to sit back and reflect.

Whatever God is working in your life requires you to not give in to the irritants and obstacles. Remember Ephesians 3:20 says, "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us."

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