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We have all experienced distractions. They are not only annoying, they are time killers, and steal the joy of living in the moment. I learned this recently, while leading praise and worship. When I am on stage a lot is going on around me, the instruments are playing, people are singing voice parts; the goal is to bring all of what is happening together into a unified joyful sound of worship. While this is the goal, it does not happen all the time. There are times someone is not singing the part correctly or a musician may play the wrong cord. There can also be feedback from the sound tech that comes through on the stage, all of this can be a distraction. How I responded to the distractions was not helping me or my team.What could I do to change my reaction or rid myself of the distractions since there will always be a missed note, or a cord misplayed?

The answer to my distractions were, earbuds. You may not sing, but you have probably seen them used. The earbuds go into your ears allowing you to only hear what you need to hear at the sound level of your choice. The first Sunday I used them to sing I was so much more relaxed, I could hear the instruments I needed to hear more clearly and distinctly. I felt more secure and ready to sing. I was aware the distractions still existed, but they were no longer a hindrance to me on stage. No longer would they steal my joy while worshipping and engaging with the congregation.

How do you handle distractions?

We cannot rid ourselves of them, they forever exist.

However, you and I must daily take note of our distractions, and intentionally seek ways to overcome them. Don't allow your distractions to steal your joy, and waste your time.

This month implement one intentional step you will take to transform an area of your life.

Please share your challenges and progress via my email or instagram.

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