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I was having a conversation with a sister in Christ. We were talking about how busy life has been, how we are missing living in the moment. She sensed the Lord was telling her she needed to be still. Now for many of us be still would simply mean stay still, stop, do nothing. She understood it differently for her life. He was making her more aware of the things He wanted her to engage in during this season of life.

As she sat outside one day enjoying some quiet time with the Lord she heard the sound of what she had long ignored or forgotten; birds were chirping away! It was a sweet sound to her ears. She questioned herself wondering how long had it been since she heard birds singing. She then took gaze of the moon. The sight was beautiful and reminding her of God's creation. My dear sister had not been aware of the everyday wonders of His creation. She was so unaware of how He speaks even in nature. She realized changed was needed, so she asked the Lord for His guidance.

He made it clear He wanted her to be still in a way that would make her aware, appreciative, and more connected. He wanted her to slow down and have coffee with a few ladies that were in a season of depression so she could really encourage them and show them the love of Christ. He wanted her to not be so rushed through the day with a "to do list" of her own. He wanted her to know He would give her the strength to do what was necessary according to His agenda. He wanted her to breathe and enjoy her quiet time with Him, not check it off as a task of the day. Stillness didn't mean do nothing, it meant do what He wanted done. I believe when we live our lives in this reality we not only refresh others as the Scripture tells us in Proverbs 11:25, but we too find ourselves refreshed....and can I just add a tag on to this truth please.....we find ourselves AWARE!

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