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For the last seven years I have been a part of an incredible mission team called Roatan Alive. During the summer we dedicate two weeks to serve people through various services. Being a part of the team has been a life-changing experience.

Although I hold each moment of the trip close to my heart, the highlight of my two weeks has always been the privilege of teaching at the women's conference. Being able to help other women feel empowered and find contentment through His Word is spiritually rewarding.

This year, after Thursday night service, an unfamiliar feeling came upon me. Over the next couple of days, I found not rest. I was bombarded by thoughts and I could not find peace. I tried as best as I could to move on and resolve my uneasiness.

It just so happened that Saturday a teen conference was scheduled. I joined the team to serve the teens. As the event was taking place I sat down scrolling through my emails. A young lady approached me asking if she could talk to me. Of course, I welcomed her. After introducing herself, she began to share what was on her heart. She was seeking wisdom and direction, and felt compelled to talk to me--as if she was led right to me. It turns out she had taken notice of my commitment to Christ and my teachings.

As I prayed for her tears began to roll down my face uncontrollably. My mission in Honduras this year became strikingly clear. The Lord was connecting me to a young woman named Arla. She is a beautiful girl with enormous potential. It is evident there is an anointing from God on her life. I am thankful the Lord connected us and looking forward to learning how He will allow me to be a part of her journey. She calls me "momma" and I gladly accept that role in her life.

Meeting Arla was an intentional moment that God planned. I went to Honduras expecting my mission to remain as it had been the previous seven years, but God had an intentional moment waiting for me. Be encouraged and be patient, He has intentional moments planned just for you.

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