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How Long Is A Personal Statement For College

Generally, personal statements are short. Most schools require approximately 1-2 pages, but you should take extra care of the instructions you get from the particular Law school, Medical school, MBA program, or college..

  • But still - how long should a personal statement be? Whichever institution you are applying to, it is best to focus on the message you deliver, not on the text volume. Requirements may vary, but on beforehand better feel free to expect the following during applications: Between 200 and 500 words Double or 1.5 spacing Spaces after paragraph

  • How Long Should a Personal Statement Be for College? While you won’t run into this often, you may find the occasional college application to a four-year school that requires a personal statement. If your ideal college requires a personal statement as part of the college application, you should plan on writing around 500 words.

  • Originally Answered: How long is a personal statement for college? The length of the SOP should be about 2 pages or 1,000 words. However, if your college specifies any word limit, you have to stick to that. While preparing your SOP,.

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